GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasure Generation Service v1

A service implementation game aid to help GURPS players easily create a variety of treasure per the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasure Tables supplement.

Service API

This service contains several endpoints which include:

Query Parameters

These endpoints all support one query parameter, format, which determines the format of the returned results. The default is JSON, but if the value 'html' is supplied, then html serialized results will be returned.

The query parameters max, min and max_enchant respectively set the maximum item value, the minimum item value and the maximum number of enchantments per item. You may not set the max value less than the minimum value. IF none of these query parameters are set (they are optional), the the service will generate the values randomly.


Some examples of using the service. By invoking:

the service will generate 1 random items. Returning the data as JSON (see example return block below). Invoking:

will generate 11 random items of type "Containers".

The data are returned as a list of items.

Returned data and Query Parameters

Data are returned in JSON unless otherwise specified. For example, the first query above could return the following information:

  "items": [
      "cost_per_item": "$5320.0",
      "curses": [],
      "desc": "1 Balanced Bolas with small bells and expensive patching [$5320.0, 0.67 lbs; Halfling sized (sm:-2 st: x0.5)]\n\t (Origin: Spirit) Enchantments: Ghost Weapon [skill:20] Supernatural Effects: Special Appearance",
      "enchantments": [
          "name": "Ghost Weapon",
          "skill": 20
      "name": "Balanced Bolas with small bells and expensive patching",
      "number": 1,
      "treasure_type": "basicmissileweapons",
      "origin": "Spirit",
      "size": "Halfling",
      "size_modifier": -2,
      "supernatural_effects": [
        "Special Appearance"
      "unit": "",
      "weight_per_item": "0.67 lbs"
  "library_version": "0.9.2",
  "service_version": "v1"

IF the format=html parameter is provided, then instead, html is returned and is rendered as:


  <li>1 Balanced Bolas with small bells and expensive patching [$5320.0, 0.67 lbs; Halfling sized (sm:-2 st: x0.5)]
     (Origin: Spirit) Enchantments: Ghost Weapon [skill:20] Supernatural Effects: Special Appearance</li> 

Treasure Types

Treasure types currently implemented and understood by the generator include the following :

Features & Bugs

The source code for this service may be found at If you find bugs, or want to request new features, please enter them there in the issues section for that project. Thanks!

Here are some of the currently known issues with the service (trace back to the underlying library):


Dungeon Fantasy Treasure Tables and GURPS are a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of Brian Thomas and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy.